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Master manifestor and dynamic leader, Tim Dawson is founder and CEO at Lauxes Grates Australia and International. Tim’s monumental experiences have mapped out the pathway to his current successes.

With extensive experience in manufacturing, trades, real estate and much more – his life skills, open mind and core values allow him to lead his Lauxes team to success.

  Whatever you think the road to success is…
think the complete opposite.

Tim’s success hasn’t been measured by schooling and college achievements but rather by real world experiences and constant personal development and improvement. The culture and family created at Lauxes is Tim’s most noticeable achievement; Lauxes employees love coming to work, enjoying a space for personal and professional growth.

The vision for Lauxes is to reach success with leading actions rather than end results. Tim and his team are focused on moving forward as a business, a team, and individuals. It’s not just about the grates for Tim, it’s about the culture and the people, who have become family.

Tim Dawson says, “I am human, and this story has no end, even beyond my journey at Lauxes Grates. There will always be growth, improvement, opportunities and challenges.”

Tim is involved in many valuable projects outside of Lauxes, priding himself on his ability to share his skills and accolades obtained over the past 10+ years.

Changing the world one grate at a time.